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As an Independent Connection Provider (ICP), we design and build electrical infrastructure solutions across the UK, bringing high voltage power to the places it’s needed, helping customers to grow their operations. We’re also on a mission to decarbonise Britain’s built environment, driving the expansion of EV charging and onsite power generation.

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More power to you

Whatever your organisation’s energy requirements, Rock Power Connections can deliver the appropriate solution. From providing additional power to your premises, to implementing new electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, powering new buildings and making connection upgrades, we’re switched on to your organisation’s energy needs.

Establish a seamless power connection

An Independent Connection Provider (ICP), specialising in the design and installation of new high voltage electricity supplies.

We are fully accredited and licenced to provide critical power supply infrastructure, connecting your buildings to the electricity distribution network.

Our team of expert electrical engineers install the substations and cables required to distribute electricity from the power network to the buildings where it is needed, whether they be commercial, industrial or residential.

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Install EV charging infrastructure

Rapid expansion of EV charging infrastructure is needed to keep up with huge growth in the use of electric vehicles. Rock Power Connections is driving that expansion, connecting super hubs and ultra-rapid charging stations across the UK.

As an ICP, we offer an end-to-end service for our customers, managing both Distribution Network Operator (DNO) connections as well as EV charging hubs. Our comprehensive delivery includes the design and installation of substations, transformers, the low voltage network, plus Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) communications.

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Build grid resilience

As more organisations look to achieve net zero carbon emissions, there is increasing demand on the grid due to the electrification of heat and the transition to cleaner fuels.

Rock Power Connections offer three key services to enable organisations to access the necessary additional power:

• New electrical connections

• Electrical supply upgrades

• Transformer replacement

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Gain flexible metering across estates

We offer a full design and installation service for electrical connections to apartment and mixed-use developments requiring individually metered supplies.

Delivery includes electrical connection to the building, the internal low voltage mains, or both. As a National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) approved contractor, we can also design and install the internal low voltage mains, situating meters in a communal cupboard or in individual locations.

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Make savings with transformer upgrades

With rising costs, it’s more critical than ever to ensure your electrical infrastructure is as efficient as possible. Working with businesses across the UK, we are replacing outdated transformers with the latest and most efficient models, producing substantial savings for customers.

We can work with you to select the right replacement transformer, plus assist you to access grants and funding to significantly reduce Capex investment.

The result? Reduced energy bills and carbon emissions, helping you meet challenging sustainability targets. Organisations that aren’t eligible for fully funded transformers still benefit from payback within as little as three years.

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ROCK Power Services​

Specialists in electricity connection for commercial properties. Licenced ICP offering EV Charging Infrastructure, HV, LV, DNO and BNO services.​

We offer a full-range of electrical engineering services directly to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and Independent Distribution Network Operators (IDNOs) and their major subcontractors.

We can work on grid sites up to 400kV, specialising in DNO sites up to 132kV.  Our services include:

  • Primary substation: construction, installation and commissioning
  • Switchgear, transformers, plant & apparatus: installation, commissioning and refurbishment
  • Cable installation and connections: HV/LV, multi-core & power, cable laying, pulling, jointing and terminating
  • Cable containment:  HV/LV, cable ladders, trays & trunking
  • Earthing systems: including brazing and exothermic welding
  • Panel wiring: including relay panels, Remote Terminal Unit (RTUs) and LVAC boards
  • Protection & control systems: installation and maintenance
  • Lighting, heating, power and security systems: for substations and control rooms
  • Retrofit, upgrade & decommissioning: to all equipment

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‘Building Network Operator (BNO)’ – is a term which refers to the installation between the intake position and the customer’s own meter, often referred as the “laterals and risers”.

We offer a full design and installation service for electrical connections to apartment developments and mixed-use developments where individually metered supplies are required.  We can provide the electrical connection to the building, the internal Low Voltage mains or both.

We will liaise directly with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) and ensure efficient delivery to achieve your energisation date.

For apartment developments – such as residential flats, sheltered housing or student accommodation – you may require individual meters for each apartment. As an NICEIC approved contractor, we can also design and install the internal Low Voltage mains, with meters situated within either a communal meter cupboard or each apartment.

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We are specialists at working in high risk environments and offer a range of surveying services to compliment our ICP business.

Rock Surveying offers underground utility surveying accurately locating the routing and depth of all buried services. We undertake surveys to PAS128 standard for borehole clearances, setting out locations, site mark-up at the construction stage and drainage connectivity, including CCTV.

  • Underground utility surveys
  • Topographical surveys
  • Building surveys

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Your high voltage partner

We are a leading Independent Connection Provider (ICP), with an excellent customer service and safety record. We’re Lloyds accredited as part of the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS), and we provide new and upgraded electricity supplies to organisations, as well as industrial, commercial and renewable generation sites across the UK.

As specialists in designing and installing electricity supplies, we have the technical expertise you need, whether a building is undergoing a change of use, or a new development requires power. We operate across all Distribution Network Operator (DNO) regions and can design and install from low voltage to 33kV.

If appropriate, our independent DNO partners can adopt your switchgear and cables, providing you with an asset value and delivering the most competitive, quality installation.

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Our service to you

Our customer’s business is our business and Rock Power Connections’ expert electrical engineers have a clear focus on risk management and health and safety. We are Lloyds accredited as part of the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS).

Combining our technical expertise with our people first approach, we’re your trusted partner for electrical connections and engineering solutions.

From the initial design to final commissioning and testing, we offer a bespoke service for every client.

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Decarbonisation, Delivered

We make decarbonisation simple. Through Mitie’s Plan Zero approach, you’ll reduce your carbon emissions, save costs and secure your energy supply.

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Awards and accreditations

Kev Sankar

Managing Director, Rock Power Connections

Emma Chetwynd Jarvis ​

Head of EV Charging Connections, Rock Power Connections, a Mitie company

Sophie Wells

Head of ICP Connections, Rock Power Connections

Richard Chavasse​

Head of Commercial, Rock Power Connections


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